About US

T1DE Support Groups offer a mix of activities focused on education.

We facilitate monthly support group meetings
that also integrate networking and education.
Each month we have local and regional speakers discussing topics like research and technogy, integrative and progressive management, nutrition, exercise, and emotional wellbeing. We share our successes and challenges and learn from each other.

Our peer networking events make a huge difference in the for our families’ emotional and physical health.

Families who are newly diagnosed are being mentored by families raising children with diabetes who now are young adults. These peer and mentor relationships and early education about what works and common pitfalls to avoid.  Our peer networking events make a huge difference in the for our families’ emotional and physical health.

Our day camps and camp weekends provide camaraderie, peer support, and education.

In 2016, T1DE piloted family day camps and family camp weekends in the greater Lynchburg area. These camps included a wide range of fun as well as education and emotional support from peers and professionals.

Our camps are unique in their focus from other diabetes camps. Check our calendar for events near you and please contact us to express your interest.

Our pilot school district, Lynchburg City Schools, provides formal, expert diabetes education. We are proud to support this program for other schools and districts.

T1DE has partnered with Lynchburg City Schools to provide formal diabetes educations from diabetes experts for all of the districts school nurses, medical aids and also teachers and staff that interact with diabetic children. The feedback has been very positive from both faculty and families. LCS has renewed the training program for 2017-2018. We are proud to have our local school districts lead the state in diabetes awareness and educations.

Community Outreach

T1DE works with other organizations in Virginia to provide diabetes awareness, screenings and education.

T1DE quickly realized the overlap with type 1 diabetes and type 2 in many respects. Although they have different causes, both share the complications. We now see the treatments of traditionally T2 medication now used by T1 and both see incredible benefits of lifestyle changes with respect to diet and exercise. Both populations and carbohydrate intolerant especially that diabetes are insulin dependent (zero tolerance).

T1DE works with the local Forest Lions Club at their health fairs serving Lynchburg and Forest populations. We also work behind the scenes with other organizations in an effort to improve the outcomes of all people with diabetes in our area.

Mentoring and Coaching Programs

Many caregivers are looking for support from one-on-one relationships verses an open forum support group. Some of our veteran families can fill this role. We also have professional coaching resources and programs. Some coaches focus on managing diabetes using diet and exercise and some focus on emotional health aspects of diabetes and family relationships. If you are interested in either, please contact us for more information.